progeCAD Philippines in Davao

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As an Archipelagic state the Philippines is an interesting mix of culture and people, small and big differences are evident in the 120 or so languages and dialects in the Philippines. But one thing is certain the hospitality of Filipinos.

It is with great gratitude that progeCAD philippines thanks the Davaenos of thier warm support and welcome to the company and the software we brought. PhilBEX Davao brought in all aspects of professionals from Interior designers, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Builders. All in awe at the feature packed and price friendly software offering of progeCAD.

The demo launching of progeCAD 2019 professional has gotten good initial reviews and have even stirred more curiousity among those who had done a hands on test to the software. As always the software Add-Ons took highlight with each demo. The built in PDF to DWG and Raster to Vector converters were a hit to first time users. And for those who seeked to improve visualization and presentation, the Artisan render plus the 3D PDF exporter proved to be a great combination.

With the outpour of interest, progeCAD Philippines will surely make Davao an annual pilgrim to provide the best value CAD software in the South Philippines.

Daghang Salamat Davao!