The Architechy to Architechnologies

The Architechy is now ARCHITECHNOLOGIES, INC. Effective June 1, 2015.

We have come a long way as a company in just a few short years. Most notably being entrusted by progeCAD SLR with the countrywide distributorship of their range of products and being the only company with Authorized Rhino Trainers and Reseller of Rhinoceros 3D, including its industry leading plug-ins V-ray, VisualARQ and in the foreseable future a jewelry design plug-in which brings a more rubost and varied field of expertise.

Added services such us design consultancy, software training and most importantly the inclusion of “Project Office” heralding new partners for Architectural services, has evolved the company into carving a niche in the Hospitality design. Adding to wit a specialty design-build service for parametric generated projects, brings a lot of depth and stability to our product and services line.

With these new products and services we’ve had to make some decisions about how we forge a new name and image befitting the company as we continue to grow. In the next few weeks you will continue to see changes as we implement the change across our site and social media platforms.

We have chosen the name ARCHITECHNOLOGIES INC. because we believe that a multidesciplined approach is the future of the creative industry. In forging new alliances and strenghtening the current ones we as a company will be able to provide incomparable quality of service.

We are making the changeover seamless.The company will continue to operate in its current structure. There has been no change in ownership, no change in staff, and no change in location.

We look forward to continuing to work together with you in partnership, and trust that you are as excited as we are as we continue to grow and better serve the industry.


Dennis S. Mayo

CEO Architechnologies Inc.