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This year’s release of the progeCAD 2019 professional is almost here. We are now offering a free upgrade promo to all our clients when they purchase the progeCAD 2018 professional, so there is no need to hesitate your purchase now.

The new version, progeCAD 2019 Professional, is released on the new IntelliCAD 8.4 engine which fixed hundreds of bugs and crash issues. The progeCAD 2019 performance has been hugely enhanced at different levels, a number of handy commands and tools introduced, multiple new file formats support added, and not only.

Some of the progeCAD 2019 Professional new features:

Improved performance for startup time, for drawings with XREFs, of redraw when creating and updating drawings with multiple entities, entity snap in drawings with underlays and more
  1. STEP Import/Export
  2. The SLOPE tool to show terrain slopes ( similar to an AutoCAD® Civil 3D feature )
  3. The AUTOSEZ tool to show terrain elevations ( similar to an AutoCAD® Civil 3D feature )
  5. Optimization for 4K display.
  6. Maya file .RGT Import/Export
  7. Wavefront file .OBJ
  8. Import/Export 3D Studio file .3DS
  9. Import LightWave file .LWO
  10. Import IFC (Underlays) support
So hurry contact us with your CAD requirement, you may reach us in any of our offices in Makati or Cebu.

The new version, progeCAD 2018 Professional, is released on the latest IntelliCAD platform and beefed up with further new features and add-ons, proposing to the User a wide range of new efficient commands and options, enhanced tools and features as well as error fixes. To begin with, the brand new easy-to-use Artisan Render module has been incorporated to offer stunning visualisation of design projects with by far greater photorealistic render effects. Artisan makes the high quality render possible even to non-expert Users. Perspective Image Correction is another tool of the new edition added as a result of Users’ intense and multiple requests. The tool allows to adjust perspective distortions of images directly in progeCAD. Simply pick up four points of a polygon on an image and the image will be automatically corrected.

progeCAD Philippine’s is set to officially launch during the 25th Cebu Construction Show in the first week of June, Updates on that coming soon.

To download a trial of progeCAD 2018, go to this link.

More information here.